Art Dump

Where I might post my art once in a blue moon. These are mostly sketches. Traditional art is done in a cheap sketchbook. Materials are probably a 0.7mm mechanical pencil, Sakura Pigma Micron pens, and/or Faber-Castell Pitt Artist brush pens. Pictures are taken with my phone and then edited in Clip Studio Paint for improved visibility. Digital art is done in Clip Studio Paint with an XP-Pen Artist 15.6 display tablet.

Traditional Art

Various doodles of my OC Astrid. Still trying to figure out how to draw her consistently. I haven't really fleshed out her character much but essentially she's an evil asshole (I say this lovingly). She's a member of a religion in this fantasy setting I'm developing. I haven't designed the religion's attire yet so I'm currently defaulting to something that looks Vaguely Catholicâ„¢. I really like how I drew her face in the bottom left. I want her to look very pretty and delicate, like a flower.
Collage #2 of misc. drawings from my sketchbook. Top left is a girl I saw on Pinterest. I like how the folds on her hoodie turned out. I'm pretty sure top right is an exercise from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. Wouldn't recommend that book. I found it to be largely useless. Still, I liked how this turned out. The exercise is from an artwork by John Singer Sargent. Bottom right was mainly me wanting to draw flowy hair. I half-assed the body later on and gave up partway through lol. And a random Dom. Poor baby dropped his ice cream.
Collage #1 of misc. drawings from my sketchbook. Various floating heads because I'm too lazy to draw anything else. Bottom left is vaguely inspired by Coronabeth from The Locked Tomb series. I gave up on drawing hands for her lol. And a random Little Buddy. He is surprisingly hard to draw.

Digital Art

Drawing #2 for my Splatoon page. Still don't know how to digitally paint. Tweaked the body proportions from my first drawing to make it slightly more accurate to how octolings appear in-game. Don't really know if I like how to drew the face this time. I really struggle with drawing octolings and inklings. Their faces always end up looking kind of creepy. I think I struggle to capture the cute, chibi-esque proportions of their faces. I also have difficulties drawing the unique shape of their eyes.
Drawing #1 of my octoling for my Splatoon page. Heavily referenced an image for Little Buddy. I don't really know how to digitally paint so I kinda did whatever.